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Memories of the Homeland: Croatian Immigration to the US in the 1800s with Alphild Dick

Croatia is a nation of beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and complex history. It is also a country whose immigrants have had an enormous impact on Gig Harbor. In 2017, join Harbor History Museum to learn about where Gig Harbor's founders came from in a series of four talks, titled Memories of the Homeland, led by Alphild Dick, Marketing and Events Coordinator. 

Memories of the Homeland begins with an exploration of 19th century Croatian immigration to the United States. Looking at the political, cultural, and economic forces behind immigration, this talk focuses on why people left, but also what they kept with them when they arrived.

The Memories of the Homeland talks are FREE and open to the public, but seats are limited. To RSVP or for questions, please contact Liz Pedersen, Guest Services, at or 253-858-6722.

About the speaker: Before joining the world of libraries and museums, Alphild Dick completed a Master's degree in South Slavic Languages and Literature at the University of Kansas and PhD coursework at the University of Washington. She has traveled extensively throughout the former Yugoslavia, studying the languages and cultures of the region.