Project Midway

Project Midway is an art competition in celebration of the life and work of Jini Dellaccio.

In addition to rock photography, Dellaccio was known for innovative fashion photography. Living in Long Beach, CA, Dellaccio discovered a love of fashion. "I was a self-taught fashion photographer," explained Jini. "But how could you miss with such beautiful girls?" Dellaccio helped young women such as model Helen Johnson develop portfolios that were presented to modeling agencies in Los Angeles. Back in the 1960s, female fashion photographers were nearly unheard of. "The ad agency was floored when they found out I was a woman," said Dellaccio.

"Project Midway" is a design, photography, and modeling competition for high school and college-aged students.

Patterned after the reality television show Project Runway, teams of three (designer, photographer, and model) will work together to create a "mid-century moment."

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